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Do auto-protect exclusions actually work in NS?

I use Norton Security (with backup) on Windows 10.  Both my Norton product and my Windows installation are up to date (in fact, I just reinstalled Norton).

I have a number of very large disks on my system that I use to manage archived images (pictures).  I want Norton to leave these disks alone.  The photo archives are all in subdirectories under a commonly named top level directory on each disk.  I've added entries to the Auto-Protect/SONAR/whatever list, both naming the disks and naming just the top level directory (eg \Photos\Archive\  for the top level directory, or P:\Photos\Archive for the disk and directory path).  It doesn't seem to work.

When I try to access the disks using a Windows command script that looks for specific files in each archive subdirectory, it takes a very long time to produce results, UNLESS I completely disable Auto-protect (using the notification area icon pop-up menu).  As soon as I disable auto-protect at the system level, the script runs fine.  If I re-enable auto-protect at the system level, the scripts slows down again. 

Why does the exclusion list not seem to work?  I would think that if I really had successfully excluded the photo archive disks from the "auto protect" activity, I would not see a big difference in the performance of my CMD scripts (it impacts ALL of the scripts I'm using to manage the archive).



Re: Do auto-protect exclusions actually work in NS?

Hello DrTom Are you manually adding in the path or clicking on the browse setting and having the program add the path for you?


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Re: Do auto-protect exclusions actually work in NS?

You need to exclude your folders from BOTH detections as shown in the image below.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Do auto-protect exclusions actually work in NS?


I have used the "Browse" to add a path specification that includes the device specification, e.g.,


which Norton appears to treat identically to I:\Photos\Archive

You can't add a device-generic path that way; you have to type it in manually, e.g.


to exclude a top-two-levels \Photos\Archive hierarchy on any device.

Do you believe the two methods of entering the specification might give different results?


Re: Do auto-protect exclusions actually work in NS?


As it happens, I have listed the exclusions in both lists.  The documentation implies the lists have different purposes, and while I want the hierarchies in question excluded from BOTH kinds of scans, I find it hard to believe that there would be two lists for exclusions if they did not in fact have the documented purposes -- one to exclude things from "auto-protect" type scans and one to exclude (possibly other) things from "batch" scans.

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