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Docker volume mounting issue on Windows 10

I am running Docker on Win10 and am attempting to mount a local directory as a volume in a running container.  This is apparently being blocked by my Norton Security firewall.

Docker appears to be allowed access  (see DockBlock1 attatchment), and while there appeared to already be rules allowing the correct traffic (port 445, according to Docker) to come in, I added my own, looser rule, with no effect (see DockBlock2) .

Technically, all of the "traffic" between the containerized OS and the local host is, well, local, so I'm not sure how to identify it within the context of a custom firewall rule.

At this point, what is Symantec's guidance


Accepted Solution

Re: Docker volume mounting issue on Windows 10

I've solved my own problem.   Make sure that you open both TCP and UDP port 445.

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