Does AntiTrack work on iPhone?

Hi there, as evidenced by my asking the question here, but I am not overly IT literate. I have just purchased and downloaded antitrack on the PC - call me paranoid, but I am all for protecting me / my IT. Anyway, I thought I had purchased the licence to use multiple devices, oes this work on iPhones? I tend to browse more on it than my PC and want to load the antitrust on the iPhone. I have logged in on my iphone, using the emailed link that came from signing up for antitrust, but it says "Choose the subscription...." and only offers Norton 360, Norton Secure VPN and Norton Password Manager - each of which, I already have, and use on the iPhone. Any advice would be very welcome.... I hope I haven't blown money on a subscription that won't operate on the iPhone... :(


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Re: Does AntiTrack work on iPhone?

Hello @Piers,

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I'm sorry, but Norton Antitrack is currently only available for Windows PCs. Iphones, such as Macs and Android smartphones are currently not supported for this product. But I assume that this is under study and that if the needs are expressed by customers as you have done, these versions will be available soon.



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