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Does Core contain a packet filtering firewall

It is very unclear from the current marketing if Norton Core acts in the capacity of a packet filtering firewall.  The device contains deep packet inspection and IDS/IDP, but does it act as a hardware based firewall for inbound packet filtering?  I am assuming that Norton Core Security Plus contains a software based firewall, as does Norton Security Deluxe does today.  I am quite interested in knowing if devices that do not have a software based firewall (a.k.a. SmartTV) are protected from basic port attacks and DDOS via the core acting as a hardware based firewall.  I recognize that core is not a full blown NGFW, but at a lower price point it may gave similar protections for the average home user.



Re: Does Core contain a packet filtering firewall

Looking at the Core FAQs here...

Technologies such as deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention identify vulnerabilities and protect your home at the network level.

That is the included firewall. It seems to fit your needs.

The Norton Core Security Plus software is actually the Norton Security Premium product but for 20 devices, plus unlimited IOT devices. The IOT devices would include your TVs, thermostats, home automation etc. So these would be protected from the type of attacks you mention.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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