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Does NAV2009 support php ????

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to be with you guys to discuss any issues about Norton products and I hope my first post will be useful.

Does NAV support php ?

Why Norton Anti virus "failed" to detect the following threat pages,that contain of malicious codes ??!


I hope that I can find answers to these threat pages.

Kind regards,


[edit: Please do not post links to malicious, pornographic or other hazardous websites per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]

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Re: Does NAV2009 support php ????


It is not appropriate to post direct links to threats on the forum pages.  We certainly do not want other members to become infected.  There are appropriate venues for this to be done.

Norton Safe Web for one.


Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.Mark Twain

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