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This forum thread needs a solution.

Does NS 2015 scan SSL traffic by intercepting TLS traffic??

There are several articles posted on the web respecting how SSL scanning can actually make your PC less secure. Most of the articles are pointing to Kaspersky as a target of having this danger/flaw because the danger was pointed out on its forums months ago and has yet to be fixed. The issue causes Kaspersky and other A/V products to make you vulnerable to the FREAK attack and other ways Antivirus software lowers your HTTPS security. Having this vulnerability makes your browser subject to such attacks as Superfish and Privdog.

There is also a discussion thread of the issue on Wilders. I believe it is a matter of some concern, since some email programs and banking sites use SSL traffic. It is said that approximately 30% of all web traffic is SSL traffic.

Evidently the problem is caused by the A/V intercepting SSL traffic and creating it's own TLS connection, or something like that

See, e.g. https://blog.hboeck.de/archives/869-How-Kaspersky-makes-you-vulnerable-t...

Some A/V products do it by default and others allow you to choose. I don't see any mention or option in NS settings. Am I missing it or does it do or not do it giving you no options.

There are two A/V products known to not do this, but there may be others. I have not seen any mention of NS yet, so I am asking.

I believe NS users are entitled to an answer to enable us to make an informed decision as to using NS, or having Symantec develop a way of protection from this possible danger point.



Re: Does NS 2015 scan SSL traffic by intercepting TLS traffic??

Hi, hok. Not sure, but this is an interesting article on the Comodo Forum.


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