Don't want this Norton version that is still in alpha stages.

Installed the new version of norton 360 then did a system restart and then went to do a full system scan only for it to come up with an error before it could scan its first file so norton attempted to fix the error and failed then lead me to a webpage with a link to download "NRnR.exe" telling me to re-install norton so I downloaded "NRnR.exe" and started it up only for it to tell me that there was a newer version of it and that lead me to another webpage to download the "newer" NRnR.exe.

After the fresh re-install of norton 360 I then decided to do a full system scan only to see it hang on .mkv movie file for 2 hours so decided to press stop 20 minutes later it was still trying to pause itself so I turned off norton tamper protection to end the task in task manager and norton still refused to close, so since the file was on a 5TB external drive I safely ejected / disconnected that hard drive and still norton refused to close, so I then did a full system restart, connected my seagate 5TB external back to the computer and did a manual scan of the entire drive and the scan completed no issues found.

So I then made norton start up another full system scan only to see 3 hours later it got hung up on that exact same file again. So I did another full system restart then another full system scan without my 5TB hard drive connected only to come back 2 hours later to find it hang on a completely different file type a .rar file with some of my backups in it, waited 20 minutes and it still would not get past that file, again another system restart and decided to do a manual scan of that .rar file and the entire folder it was in and it completed in less than a second.

I then went online and followed all of the steps on this page:

The norton power eraser found an entry in the registry it considered "bad" so I clicked remove and the computer restarted and norton told me it failed to remove the registry entry.

I want the old version of norton 360 that I had last week the one that actually worked, that could actually do the very basic task it was designed to do as this problem I'm getting is a bug that should have been cleared out if this product shifted from alpha stage to beta stage.
I did not pay $80 for a program in its alpha stage, the product is unable to fully scan my system, the product is unable to remove threats from the system, the aforementioned dictates norton is no longer able to protect my system from threats.

I'm a computer technician we do not "patch" programs as we are not trained to be qualified programmers and at the moment the correct course of protocol to resolve this issue is to completely remove the faulty norton 360 software from my system and install a different anti-virus software and due to nortons current colossal failure to protect my system I'm forced to remove all norton products off the shelves tomorrow as our store prides itself on selling "functioning" software and hardware, we do not sell software that are unable to complete their very basic task it was designed for due to being in alpha stages.

I paid $80 for a "stable" piece of software, and you have failed to give me that.


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Re: Don't want this Norton version that is still in alpha stages.

Hi Torturim,

Please go to my previous post linked below and follow the instructions starting at the  about half-way through the post.  Yu may find the info in the first part of my post informative as well.

Please let us know how things go.


Re: Don't want this Norton version that is still in alpha stages.

Thankyou Yank.


Re: Don't want this Norton version that is still in alpha stages.

I have had the similar with the recent upgrade.  External scans stalling.  Reboot is the only successful way to kill 360 and restart.  Same failure on 2nd pass.  Overall Norton should be embarrassed about this release.  I have warning popups in several areas which continue to notify even after clicking the usual "quit bugging me"  checkbox. In the previous release, I could shut off functionality I did not want.  Not so in the current release.  Support members simply state "yes, that is how this version works." for the incessant popups"  and "We have no record of any issue with external hard drives.  It must be something on your system".  To that I would respond:  It is the same behaviour on 3 independent systems, 2 with Vista Business and one with Win 10 Enterprise.

Norton, please review your community threads and sort out your issues. 

Yes, I have posted in 1 other thread in the community with similar content.  Only because these issues need to be escalated.  

Since these issues are NOT being addressed, especially the external hard drive scan failure, I will be removing Norton 360 prior to my renewal, and going with a competitor.

Truly unfortunate, as the previous release was stable and seamless in it's operation.  HOW and WHY would anyone not roll back until the many bugs are fixed????

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