Double charged, need help with cancelling one of the charge

Last January, I upgraded to Norton with Lifelock. I had just paid for Norton 360 in December 2020. I thought they would just upgrade me, but they charged me the full amount. This December they renewed the Norton 360 and in January the Norton with Lifelock renewed, so I am being charged almost $300 for my Norton Subscriptions. When I try to contact customer service, I cannot get a phone number and the website just keeps taking me in circles! Help. I can't afford this.

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Re: Double charged, need help with cancelling one of the charge

~ regarding Chat Support

Please clear browser cookies n' cache.
Please allow all Norton pages cookies/ads/scripts/frames/trackers/content.
Please allow all Norton pages content that may be blocked by browser extensions or built-in browser protections. 

Please turn Norton Secure VPN off - before and after machine restart -
Please Restart (not Shut down) machine -
Please try Contact Norton Support - Chat

as test: Contact Norton Support - Chat 
I click'd "Manage my account" -> "Something else" and type'd "Live Agent" until ChatBot Kate reply: "transferring you to a specialist for further assistance".  

~ regarding Phone Support
Please share your geo-location.  Maybe, I can post Norton Support phone number, if you want?


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