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This forum thread needs a solution.

Double suscription to 2 Norton Products : Standard and de Luxe


Last year, I suscribed to Norton Standard for one device : my PC (Windows 10).

When the suscription ended, I wanted to renew it for my PC and my smartphone (Android).
So I went to Norton site and was guided to buy Norton de Luxe for 5 devices.

I buyied it. And when I opened Norton window, it told me that my PC was not protected and that I had to renew my Norton suscription that day (october, 10th). I thought my first buying was not OK. So I renewed Norton Standard for one device (no choice to renew for several devices).

After, I installed Norton Standard on my PC.
I could not install Norton de Luxe on my smartphone : it told me that to many devices used it (!!??)

Than, I understood that I bought 2 products and that I can only use Norton Standard, which was the more expensive and on only one device.

Can you please :

- pay me back for Norton Standard ;

- explain me how to uninstall it on my PC and install Norton de Luxe instead ;

- explain me how to install Norton de Luxe on my smartphone.

If you need, I have the references of my purchases, that were both on Norton Internet site :

Coordonnées du vendeur :
Symantec Limited
Ballycoolin Business Park
Dublin 15

Thank a lot.



Re: Double suscription to 2 Norton Products : Standard and de Luxe

I would contact Norton Support and ask them to combine all your subscriptions and then help with activation on all your devices.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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