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Downgrade from Norton Security to Norton Antivirus

Hello everyone,

I wonder if there's a possibility to downgrade active license from Norton Security to basic Norton Antivirus?

Norton Security manages Windows Firewall settings. I wanted to switch to a third party firewall software. Turning off firewall in NS settings doesn't prevent it from managing it, so it makes conflict with a third party software firewall.

I used chat feature and agent said that Norton Antivirus also manages Windows Firewall settings, but I believe that is not true. Then he began to convince me that I shouldn't switch to another software because Norton is the best in the world etc.

I have still 80 days of my license left, so I wouln't like to buy another one before this one expires.




Re: Downgrade from Norton Security to Norton Antivirus

Look at the comparison chart for the Norton products here.  https://us.norton.com/norton-antivirus?inid=nortoncom_nav_norton-antivir...

Norton Anti Virus basic does not have a firewall. So you would be able to use it with whatever other firewall you choose.

Is there something that your other firewall does that you feel Norton does not do?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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