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This forum thread needs a solution.

Download SSR 2013

Hello this is my first post here.

I tried searching for Symantec™ System Recovery 2013 not the R2 Edition. I need to backup and perform restore in my pc.

I am using Winxp(Desktop) and Win7 on my (laptop). I have already downloaded Symantec™ System Recovery 2013 R2 https://sur.ly/o/www4.symantec.com/Vrt%2Foffer%3Fa_id%3D88749/AA001290

and made a Recovery disc and made the necessary backup. But for Xp it requires Symantec™ System Recovery 2013. Can anyone redirect me to the link, i tried searching everywhere in the norton website, its like searching a needle in a hay stack.

Some older and experienced user could help me here.

Awaiting reply.

Thank you.



Re: Download SSR 2013

Hello pinso

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Does this link provide the program that you are looking for?  You will have to read the information on that site until you find what I think you are looking for. What I saw though is a trial version of what I think you want. If you want to buy it, I think you would have to read the rest of the page which I didn't do. Since the program is from 2013, I don't know if it's still available to buy.


Please come back and let us know if this is what you are looking for. Thanks.

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