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Downloading Files using NF App on iPad


My children need iPads at school for their class assignments.  Couple of problems that I have run into so far:

1.   They frequently need to download files such as PDF files, document files, etc.  Safari will allow them to download a copy that can be modified in apps like Notability and Word / Paper.  Is there a way to download copies of those files using the Norton app?  

2.   According to the website, they should be able to send a request for a website to be allowed directly from the app.  How is that done?




Re: Downloading Files using NF App on iPad

Hi sky77,

For this second item, we have this option in Block page..

Once Child sends the message, it will be shown as Web Activity in portal..On seeing the activity, Parent can take action like whether to allow the category or website accordingly.

For the download option, the Norton Family team will check into the requirement and add it for a future release. 



Thanks Katie

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