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DriverAssist - is it ok to use?

DriverAssist (hssp:// driverassist . software . informer . com/) seems to be approved by Norton (says it twice on it's website) but it's asking for a registration so before using it, is it something that Norton approves of to check driver age and provide updated drivers? (I'm having mouse problems so checking driver is process of elimination)


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Re: DriverAssist - is it ok to use?

Driverassist is a tool that I have used before and I found it useful in helping me find missing drivers. However, you need to purchase a license to use it hence the need for registration. Norton does not flag it as harmful to my PC.


Re: DriverAssist - is it ok to use?

Norton is flagging DriverAssist as PUA, yet seems to have endorsed the application. The PUA as best I can tell is based on unsupported or malicious complaints. What does Norton do to substantiate complaints about software. How can I turn off the Norton warning for applications that are working for me and not, to my knowledge, causing any damage?