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This forum thread needs a solution.

Email Error messages started appearing

I run Norton Security and use Thunderbird as my email client. All fine until earlier today when I tried to forward an email received in thunderbird to one of my hotmail accounts. The following message came up:

Email Error

552 u3NKecDEyxDF6u3NMesdpQ message rejected due to spam or virus. If you believe this is in error please login to your portal or contact your ISP support team. From and To email addressess then shown along with message Title.

The message in question was a newletter update with images on it and I have never had problems forwarding such messages until today. I tried forwarding an email from my daughter to my hotmail account and that worked. i also tried forwarding a subscription confirmation email received from an organisation and that too worked.

I then decided to save the "problem" email and scanned it with Norton which reported No Threats Found. I duly attached the saved version of the email to a new message but when I tried to send it to my hotmail account I was again greeted with the Email Error message.......

What seems particularly strange is that norton does not report any issues as part of Incoming mail scanning but then decides to block the message being forwarded!

Help to resolve this would be appreciated.



Re: Email Error messages started appearing

Norton is not blocking the message.  It is your email service provider whose spam filter is flagging something about the message that is spam-like (as some newsletters can be).  The service provider's server is sending the error notification and Norton is simply receiving and displaying it.  As the notification states, you need to contact your service provider about this.

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