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Email that I received

My notes are at the end.

Here is the email.

I won't beat around the bush. I am aware ###### is your password. More importantly, I know your secret and I've proof of your secret. You do not know me personally and no one hired me to examine you.

It is just your misfortune that I stumbled across your bad deeds. Let me tell you, I setup a malware on the adult vids (porn) and you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean). While you were busy watching videos, your internet browser started out operating as a Rdp (Remote desktop) with a key logger which gave me accessibility to your display screen as well as web camera. Right after that, my software program collected every one of your contacts from messenger, facebook, and email.

I then put in more time than I should have investigating into your life and generated a two view video. First part displays the recording you were viewing and second part displays the recording from your cam (its you doing inappropriate things).

Frankly, I am willing to forget details about you and let you move on with your life. And I am about to give you two options which will achieve that. The two option is with the idea to ignore this letter, or just pay me $2600. Let us investigate above 2 options in details.

Option 1 is to ignore this message. Let us see what is going to happen if you select this path. I will certainly send out your video recording to all your contacts including family members, coworkers, and many others. It does not shield you from the humiliation you and your family will feel when friends learn your unpleasant details from me.

Other Option is to pay me $2600. We’ll call this my “confidentiality charges”. Now lets see what will happen if you opt this option. Your secret will remain your secret. I will destroy the video immediately. You move on with your daily life as if nothing like this ever occurred.

At this point you must be thinking, “I'm going to report to the cops”. Let me tell you, I have covered my steps in order that this message can't be traced to me and yes it will not steer clear of the evidence from destroying your lifetime. I'm not looking to steal all your savings. I am just looking to be compensated for my efforts I put in investigating you. Let's assume you have chosen to produce all of this vanish entirely and pay me the confidentiality fee. You'll make the payment through Bitcoins (if you do not know how, type "how to buy bitcoins" in search engine)

Amount to be paid: $2600
Receiving Bitcoin Address: 1D5YpGv2gmT*s1H7gtBsezGYXnu5RD5nV5N ( You need to Remove * from this string then note it)

Share with nobody what you will be using the bitcoin for or they possibly will not give it to you. The method to acquire bitcoin can take a short time so do not wait.
I have a specific pixel in this e-mail, and at this moment I know that you have read through this message. You have one day in order to make the payment. If I don't get the BitCoin, I will, no doubt send your video recording to all of your contacts including relatives, colleagues, and many others. You better come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out. Nevertheless, if I do get paid, I'll erase the video immediately. It's a non negotiable offer, so kindly do not ruin my time and yours. Your time is running out. You should know that my tracker will still be sharing what action you take after you're done looking over this message. Let me tell you Should you choose anything that you should not then I'll share your sextape to your members of your family, coworkers even before your your deadline.


First of all, I changed the password that he mentions at beginning of email.

Hell no -- I am not paying that $2,600.  How am I to know that his word can be trusted?  If he pulls this kind of horse crap, his ethics are of suspect.  Whether he will contact my email contacts could be BS.  This smells like a ripoff.  I am careful how I spend that kind of money.

Do any of you know anything about the key logger mentioned in second paragraph?



Re: Email that I received

Hello Lester. This is nothing more than an old scam technique. Delete the message. Run a full scan on your system just for comfort of mind.


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