is an email i received a scam?

I received this. Is it a scam.



Your N0RT0N Advanced Protection Subscription Has Been Successfully Renewed.

Thank You For Choosing Our Security Services, You Will Receive Your Product Key Shortly.

Your Annual Subscription Charges Of 329.98 USD Is Deducted From Your A/C Or Your CC On File.

#Your Order Number :7485-8558-87448

#Your Order Date: July 06, 2021

#Item Description: N0.RT0N Advanced Protection

#Product Amount: 329.98 USD

This charge Will Reflect In Your A/C Statement Within 24 hours To The Next Financial Cycle.

If You Have Any Queries Regarding The Charge Or You Wish To Cancel It, 

Please Contact Our Billing Team @+1 (802) 432 - 5409


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Re: is an email i received a scam?

I received this. Is it a scam.


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Fraudulent companies carry out technical support scams by posing as software support providers and claim to offer support on behalf of major technology companies. They set up fake websites, send scam emails, offer free security scans, or send alarming messages to convince you that your computer is infected or needs to be fixed.

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Re: is an email i received a scam?

this sound so fake norton don't have a "N0.RT0N Advanced Protection" 

https : // prnt . sc /199x6ac


Re: is an email i received a scam?

It is definitely a scam. If you called the number to get your 'refund', you would be asked for your banking or credit card info and then they would clean you out.


Re: is an email i received a scam?

Thanks all. As expected and no follow up calls were sent.

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