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Email Norton

My wife and I have been with Norton for several years now. The account is in her name and I can use it as another device. However I lost my ability to use it when my computer crashed and haven't been able re-establish my connection despite quite a few attempts by my wife and myself. We have now given up in frustration after having tried several diffing methods that have been suggested to us. I even managed to contact the Microsoft team which turned out be a mistake I allowed them to take over my computer. They told me I had a virus and wanted to know log in details. They also wanted a fee to clean up my computer. I dismissed it as a hoax. Never could find the virus/ infection they told me I had.

I also should mention that while I was trying to renew my connection I managed to downloaded a free 30 day trial which has recently expired. I was hoping that Norton would realise that I already had a "distant" connection with them and help me out.   

The whole exercise has been way too time consuming and complicated for very basic users like ourselves. I just wanted Norton to know all this and that we will not be renewing our membership when it is next due. I would prefer to do it by email if you could let me know how I go about it?    



Re: Email Norton

Hi, Tweedleedee. Have you contacted Support ? They should be able to help out.

Contact them via the official link here.    http://norton.com/chat

No email facility that I'm aware of,but here are the Support options.



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