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email from ...nortonfromsymantec..., legitimate?

Not being certain where this question belongs, I post it here.

I am not accustomed to certain addresses, so I wonder if this one is legitimate.  I just found in my  emailbox a message from norton@nortonfromsymantec.com,  with an identifying number, X-originating-IP [] , and there were various hyperlinks in parts of the message body.  Subject Title of email was Welcome to Norton. Meet Your Internet Security Team.  Most of the included images in the message appear good and clean, including a golden circle with a dark brown checkmark. 

Is this a genuine message?  I imagine it is, but I am not accustomed to that ...@nortonFROMsymantec... part of the address, and I would not expect links to YouTube.

Thanks, anybody who knows



Re: email from ...nortonfromsymantec..., legitimate?

Hello g_cafe_c

Please take a look at this older thread about an email from the same email address and it appears to be the same ip also. The topic however is different. Thanks.


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