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This forum thread needs a solution.

Email Notifications Fail

I have the OnlineFamily product installed on my son's computer and two email addresses entered to receive notifications when he does something he should not do.  Both are working email addresses.

The following "home" email receives notifications fine: [Removed]

The following "work" email receives NO notifications: [Removed]


The work email did receive the "Welcome" email when I created an account.

I have talked to the work IT email "boss" and he says there is not a record of the onlinefamily@norton.com sending address being blocked.  He also added the onlinefamily@norton.com sender address to the acceptable sender list.  Thus, it does not appear to be a filter issue on my work end.

Any ideas why I am not receiving notifications at this email: [Removed] ?

Thank you.

[edit: Please do not post personal email addresses per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]

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Re: Email Notifications Fail

Hi mblount2,


Thanks for the information.  We're aware of this issue and working on it actively.




Thanks Katie

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