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This forum thread needs a solution.

Email sending intrusion?


I got this error today:

[Image with email address removed]
In English, it says something like "Email couldn't be sent because the email server rejected the message". Then From, To and Subject fields.

I know none of these email addresses, seems like someone is sending emails from my computer. I will perform a full system scan, but anyways, why am I getting this notification from Norton Security? Has anyone delat with this already?



Re: Email sending intrusion?

Norton Security just displays the messages from your email provider. Norton is not actually involved in any of the actions being taken.

I have asked you email address be masked from your image.


It may just be that someone is spoofing your email. If someone has hacked your email account you should log into your email account's web site and change your password and security questions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Email sending intrusion?

As mentioned, most likely email address spoofing, where someone puts your email address in the "From" field of spam messages they are sending.  When a message bounces, you get the returned email and the error notice from your email service provider.  Note that this is easy for spammers to do from their own email account and is done without accessing or compromising your email account, so your account is still safe.  Normally, spammers will use an address like this for a short time and then move on.  If you find the email in your "Sent" folder, that would indicate that the message was sent from your account, which would be a far more serious situation.

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