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Enable password protection of Password Manager Notes on IOS

I've noticed that Notes that I've created and password protected in Norton Password Manager on my desktop are immediately accessible on my iPad / iPhone without the need to re-enter the vault password.  This difference in functionality seems particularly inappropriate as mobile devices are more at risk of someone getting their hands on them than a static desktop locked at home and generally not switched on.  

There may be some explanation for this functionality difference but it appears plain wrong to me and I'd appreciate  consideration being given to aligning the mobile products' functionality to add the need to re-supply a vault pin/password/fingerprint rather than immediately showing the 'protected' Notes once you are in the Password Manager App.



Re: Enable password protection of Password Manager Notes on IOS

I noticed the same thing. Notes data should be *asterisked* until tapped on. If I pull up in public on an iOS device, all the data is shown on the screen and someone could easily look at or record on video/picture without me knowing. Please *asterisk* out all private data on the Notes screen until tapping on them individually.

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