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enable virus updates without requiring OSX admin password? (El Capitan)

I have elderly parents who are regularly confused and frustrated by prompts "from Norton" for their Norton id and password. They are not prompts from Norton, they are prompts from Mac OSX, telling them NAV wants to install virus updates and asking them for their OSX id and password. All passwords are a source of confusion and frustration for them. Have already tried telling them the OSX password is the Norton password.

Is there a way to enable Norton to do updates without prompting for the OSX password? If so, specific instructions greatly appreciated.



Re: enable virus updates without requiring OSX admin password? (El Capitan)

Hello mikeo123. Are the prompts coming from the OS Helper Tool on the machine? If so this article explains why and what is required. Any other Gurus have anything they can add which I may be missing please do.

If you are logged on as a standard user, you need to enter the administrator account credentials when the Install Helper Tool prompts for authentication



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