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Endless "Restart" Message

I don't believe this is any kind of a risk, but more of an annoyance. For several months now, each time my PC is rebooted or started, as soon as the Windows XP desktop appears, a window also pops up with the title bar "Restarting your computer is required" and message body "The computer must be restarted before updating can continue. Would you like to restart now?" The highlighted default button is "Yes" and there is also a "No" button. The first few times I fell for the ruse and clicked "Yes" and each time the PC rebooted, the same message would appear. Now I simply click the "No" button and go on about my business.

Does anybody have any ideas how this may have originated? And if so, how do I get rid of it?



Re: Endless "Restart" Message


Is Norton responsible for the messages?


Re: Endless "Restart" Message

It appears you have a "busted" driver or application installation. Also some anti-malware software such as anti-rootkit software requires a re-boot to complete it "cleaning" operation.

Your going to have to try to isolate what application is requesting the re-boot. Immediately after you boot and the desktop appears, do a Ctrl -> Alt -> Delete key sequence and access the Process tab and watch for a new program starting and the like. Also take note of what is currently running excluding Win XP tasks. One of those "application" programs is your culprit.

You can also boot in Safe mode and select the option to do a normal boot with logging. After the boot completes, access your Windows folder using Win Explorer and look for a file named ntbtlog.txt. Open it using notepad and scroll through it noting the names of all "application" programs that have started.

Once you have determined all applications that start up at boot, your going to have to try to isolate the "busted" application and most likely uninstall and reinstall it.

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