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Enhancement Requests for LifeLock and Norton General


      I have Norton 360 on a Macbook Pro running Catalan (OS 10.5) for 5 Devices.

      I'd like to make the following Enhancement Requests:

      For Password / LifeLock Protection:

  1. Enter at least 10 Emails

  2. Address monitoring for Foreign addresses (India)
  3. Check if Insurance Info that I have entered is correct. If not, let me know in real time.
  4. Shouldn’t have to enter Credit card/ Address/ Bank etc. numbers two times. Once into Vault and once into Monitoring.
  5. Enter Brokerage Accounts for monitoring (e.g: ETrade, Ameritrade etc).
  6. Enter Passport Info for monitoring (both current and previous passport info).

     For General Norton Accounts:

  1. Allow option to have more than 5 Devices on one package. I would like 10 for a family unit.