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Entering product Key

Hi, my subscription to Norton Security Deluxe, is going to run out in 28 days. I've bought a subscription for something called Norton Security Premium from a store, not through norton's website directly. I didn't need all the extras, but it was the only one available. Can I enter the product key in the "enter product key" option in the help menu of Norton security, or with the same option in "My Devices" of my Norton Account, or do I have to uninstal first because it's a different product? Also, if I do enter the product key, will the 28 days get automatically added on to my new subscription, or is that no longer a thing? Thanks

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Re: Entering product Key

Yes, you can enter the new Product Key as you suggest, but wait until you only have a day or two left as you will lose any remaining days if you enter the new Key early.

If you contact Customer Support they may be willing to add your remaining days to your new subscription.


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