Entourage 2004 and error-3211

iMac 24", 2.8GHz, 4GB ram, OS 10.6.2.  Norton internet security for Mac 4.1. Microsoft Entourage 2004.  I have been successfully using Entourage for many years and had no problem after upgrading to 10.6.  On 11/19/09 when I powered on my Mac my Entourage would not send or receive email.  I received an error (-3211).  After much searching, my ISP had no problems as I was able to connect via Mac mail, I saw that I had received several updates PM of 11/18/09.  I tried a lot of things to fix it until I tried this: I turned off all Norton security software, AntiVirus, Confidential and Firewall.  Entourage worked OK.  Then I turned back on the Norton software one at a time until I isolated that Firewall and Location Awareness needed to be off for Entourage to work.   Entourage worked OK after the update on 11/18/09 but the next AM when I first turned on my Mac I had the error message.  I wonder if this up date was the problem and caused a conflict between Norton Firewall, Location Awareness and Entourage, and it took a reboot to affect my Mac?  Although I turned on the Mac firewall preference, but the Norton firewall should be available as it comes with the security package and not just AntiVirus, which costs less.  Any Ideas as to how to fix this and how do I get this message to Symantec, as it seems to be their problem, as I have encountered other users with the -3211 error and used my patch solution to solve it for now.

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Re: Entourage 2004 and error-3211

Just letting you know that Symantec knows about this issue, as it's been covered in this thread.

You don't have to completely disable the Norton Firewall.  Check that thread for specific instructions for a workaround that will let Entourage work with Norton Firewall.

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