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erratic behaviour of identiy safe

I find the identity safe increasingly erratic, sometimes working as expected, other times barely working at all.

1. I open Firefox (31) and the toolbar says the status is open. I go to a site requiring a login and nothing happens. I click on the vault and it prompts to enter the vault password (I do not mean the underlying account password). It then does that vault graphic and doesn't then always actually enter the login information on the site. If I close Firefox, sometimes it will work normally upon re-launching FF, but not always. Sometimes I have to open NIS, close the vault there, and then return to FF. Then it seems to work normally, prompting me to open the vault and then providing the login.

2. Even more troubling, sometimes when the toolbar says the vault is open (and it shouldn't be due to time out or having gone into standby), clicking on the "vault is open" actually shows my list of logins even though the vault is actually closed. In order to use or edit one of those logins, I'm prompted to enter the vault password. So why am I able to see my list of loginsif the safe is closed? That seems to be a pretty serious issue to me.

3. what function does this opening graphic have? It's completely useless and takes a lot of time to vanish

4. Sometimes when I entered my correct password the vault does not open, but shows an error window, asking me to create a new vault. It tells me that all vault information will be deleted and a new vault will be cretaed. Only after rebooting the notebook this behaviour stops.

5. Very often when activating the "Vault is open" button, Firefox crashes compeletely (it never crashes, only when activationg the vault button, and this crash occurs very often)

For years now I was somehow satisfied with this tool (albeit it worked often instable), but since a few weeks I am considering to stop to use it at all ... it is just ridiculous



Re: erratic behaviour of identiy safe

Can you post the URL for the latest crash from > about:crashes < in the address bar

I've also had a few FF crashes pointing to Symantec

IPSEng32.dll ver <link> & IPSLdr32.dll ver <link> &

coWPPlg.dll ver 2014.7.7.13 <link> & coFFPl32.dll ver 2014.7.7.13 <link>

see related board here

fwiw I agree the graphic is useless

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Re: erratic behaviour of identiy safe


Re: erratic behaviour of identiy safe

url one  Invalid crash ID


repost url two


maybe you'll have better luck w FF32.0.1  <release notes>

maybe Symantec will see your Topic and comment

Did you ever have the local vault and merge to online?

Thank you for posting crash report

maybe if you post all crash reports...you'll get the attention of Symantec

although I feel Symantec is aware the online vault is not as "mature" as the local vault

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