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error 552 5.2.0

Good evening,

today morning when I forwarded an email by outlook 2007, NIS 2012 showed ame a windows saying "552 5.2.0 string of char spam detected"

What's happened? My email is in spam? I was not able to forward my colleague the mail (only that particular mail; I tried to send an email called "ciao" and Norton did not give me any problem. Is the problem in the mail I wanted to forward? Which problem? Thanks




Re: error 552 5.2.0

Hi fra2000,

The SMTP error code is from your email service provider.  Either your email provider's server or your recipient's email server rejected the message due to content that appeared to be spam.  Norton is merely displaying the bounceback notification, and had no involvement in the failure of the message to be delivered.  I would suggest that you check with your email service provider if you need further clarification about the specific reason for the message rejection.

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