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Error 6 message

I see so many customers have the Error 6 Whole license has been violated. please uninstall from any PCs that are nit in your home group and try again. WTF all my laptops say the same thing. If customers was having this problem years ago why isnt it fixed The chat person from another Country wanted to get in my computer remotely. Not doing that sorry. It has to be a better fix. Reset my key or something just pissed paying for something I cant even use Maybe if everyone leaves Norton they may fix this issue I need some help



Re: Error 6 message

I take it you are speaking of a Norton Utilities subscription?  If so is it Premium or Ultimate?

Do you have a paid standalone subscription, or are you using the free Norton Utilities Premium, NUP,  that was offered for using automatic renewal for your 360 Subscription? If so, this is no longer being offered, and at the end of the original subscription period, the free NUP offer also expires. The free NUP also stops if you turn off automatic renewal, and will not be reactivated if you subsequently turn auto renewal back on.

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