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Error 8206, 422 Install Norton Internet Security 2012

On my moms computer, which have/had Norton Internet Security 2012, The SONAR-protection crashed, and i tried to fix it via Norton Autofix, but that did not work, so i restarted the computer and the problem were still thier, so i decided to remove NIS 2012 from the computer, so i removed NIS from the computer via Control panel, and then restarted the computer and used Norton Removal Tool, and restarted the computer again.

Now i installed Norton Internet Security 2013 instead.

The Installation goes fine, until you are coming the the last step, which is when come to the Explore-button, when i press the button, norton is crashing hard, and after a little awhile, i  i am getting a error message, which is 8506, 422, norton have encounterd a problem.

The Big Problem is that i can NOT Install Norton on my computer, under any circumstances, and it blocks the internet, so that i can not use the Internet at all.

when i remove NIS from the computer, internet works, but i can NOT Install NIS 2012/2013 on my moms computer.

and i have only used Norton on this computer, since my mom bought it.

I have used NPE, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, but i found no threats on my computer.

Windows Vista 32 bit SP2, fully updated

Thanks in advanced




Re: Error 8206, 422 Install Norton Internet Security 2012

There has been some problems with this error message 8206,422 after upgrade to 2013.

Can you try to use the old version 2012 ?

I think you still can download it  



Re: Error 8206, 422 Install Norton Internet Security 2012

Just to verify, the Malwarebytes, and SuperAntiSpyware you used are the free editions - correct?  The Pro versions run in real time and can cause conflicts with Norton. 

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