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Error Code 910

Hi, My mum has a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 tablet and her norton mobile security has disappeared from it. I have tried to reinstall it from Google Play store, but keep getting a error code of 910.

I also have a Norton account and have tried to install my accounts security on there, but also get the same message

Any ideas how I can get it reinstalled on her tablet? 

Thank you


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Re: Error Code 910

Hello Bluebellebear. Clear your cache or junk file from the tablet and ensure it has enough free space to install app. Some other suggestions are discussed here. Removing the SD card (if you have one installed) will allow the app to only use internal storage and install properly. Let us know how you made out when done.


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Re: Error Code 910

The 910 error is from Google Play Store. Not a Norton Error.

A quick search seems to indicate this has something to do with having an SD card set as the default storage device. Check Android Settings for Storage and make the tablet the default storage device and try to install Norton again.


I see SoulAsylum posted while I got side tracked.  

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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