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This forum thread needs a solution.

Error Norton extension for Chrome cannot communicate with the Norton Security application

I'm new to this thread. I only started seeing the error message from:  chrome-extension://pfbnibmoolhgbfipkfleejeebdhpmecl/data/ui/errorPage.html   which reads: 

"! Error The Norton extension for Chrome cannot communicate with the Norton Security application." I believe I have Norton 360 Premier. Am using MacBook Pro mid-2012, with OS Sierra 10.12.2  I think the problem began a few days ago, shortly after I enabled/turned on the Mac OS firewall. It had been off and I was relying on Norton's firewall. A week ago I downloaded Skype, had slowdowns and lockups, and offloaded it. Any ideas, please? And since I am a novice, if you identify certain extensions, I need directions where to find them. Please and thanks!



Re: Error Norton extension for Chrome cannot communicate with the Norton Security application

Hi there,

First of all, you do not need to enable Mac's built-in firewall once your Norton 360 Premier for Mac is installed. For related inofo, plz read this KB.

Beawre that, two firewall products would cause slowdowns and lockups.

Then, you had better re-turn off Mac firewall, reboot and check Norton Toolbar for Chrome in your Mac again.

a Norton extension icon with a green check mark is displayed before or next to the address bar.

For more info, plz review this KB.

If your issue continues, the below info may help you out:

Part 1. Uninstall Chrome for Mac thoroughly:

Export your bookmarks, and other settings you wanna keep.

Exit Chrome for Mac; run Activity Monitor (in Utilities folder) and make sure all Chrome-related items have been terminated. Then, re-head to Applications folder, move Chrome to the Trash icon.

Try erasing Chrome-related remains in Library. view this video guide if you need detailed manual removal instructions.

Restart yr Mac when ready.

Part 2. Reinstall Chrome for Mac later, as the root user.

Part 3: Make yourself the root user in your Mac, update your Norton 360 Premier for Mac by running LiveUpdate (correct me if I am wrong), or by accessing this page (recommended). Reboot your Mac so that those updates can take effect successfully. 

If the above directions does not fix your issue, you uninstall your Norton 360 Premier for Mac by using the RemoveSymantecMacFiles removal utility. Reboot and reinstall your Norton product later. For related info, plz read this KB.

As for Skype for Mac, please customize the installation process so that you can avoid optional offers.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support. THX.

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