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Exclude All Bin Folders from Backup Set

I am using Norton Security with Backup.  I have created a backup set.  I am including a folder that contains source code projects.  Each project is in a separate folder and each project contains a folder named Bin.  Is there a way to specify excluding all Folders named Bin?



Re: Exclude All Bin Folders from Backup Set

Hi jrswenson.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

As far as I am aware there is no way to do this automatically in NSBU.

You can however use the "Add or exclude files or folders" option under the "What" tab to select any folder you wish for exclusion.  The problem is you have to do it manually.

Did that help at all?

I should also point out that Norton appears only intended to back up data files and seems to baulk at anything it deems to be "encrypted", which appears to include program files so you may have an issue with that.  If I were you I would try to back up just one of your projects in a trial set and see how that works before I relied upon it working for them all.

Good luck.


Re: Exclude All Bin Folders from Backup Set

Mike, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately that won't work because I'd have to not only do that for every project I have now, but every project I do in the future.  I think I've found a solution that will do what I need, but since I've paid for Norton, it would be nice if I could use it too.  FYI: I use source control, I just want to use this as an automatic and redundant backup.

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