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Exodus Spyware / Exodus Wallet

My 360 flagged an app I have had and used for years as malware. Concerned, I search around for a few more bites at the peach. I find a couple of others here in Community aware of the flagged app but having not much more info than I. So I keep looking and find that there is a Spyware with the same name. 

Finding no other references to the flagging and no info from Norton other than a suggestion to un install the app I am in a bit of a lurch.

How does one get information OUT of Norton... How does one confirm the legitimacy/accuracy of the Norton report??

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Re: Exodus Spyware / Exodus Wallet

What does Exodus Support say....?

Report a suspected incorrect detection to Norton

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Re: Exodus Spyware / Exodus Wallet

I got a similar Norton warning advising to delete the app, so I scanned all my apps in Playstore with "Play Protect" and no issues were found. All safe, including Exodus.

Then opened Exodus in Playstore, Norton Playstore app scan confirmed "safe"

I believe Norton flagged the Exodus app because there's malware floating around that shares the same name, and I understand the malware has recently found its way to IOS. Maybe that's why Norton is being hyper vigilant atm.

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