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Explorer Kit variant activity 8

I just went to a website and I got a message from Norton.

"Web Attack  ExploitKit Variant Activity 8.  An intrusion attempt by"

And then it names my own computer.

Then it lists C:Device/HarddiskVolume2/programFiles/InternetExplorer/iexplore.exe

I don't see a folder called Device under C: plus I don't understand why it is naming

my own computer as being the attacker.

Any advice?





Re: Explorer Kit variant activity 8

Hi wayneout,

Translating the alert, it says that you stumbled onto a driveby download attempt that tried to run a toolkit that searches for vulnerabilities on multiple programs that may be installed on your system.  Norton recognized the threat and blocked it.  Your computer is part of the equation because you were attacked through your system's Internet Explorer browser.  You should be fine, but it never hurts to run a second-opinion scan with a program like the FREE version of Malwarebytes'  (use the download buttons - not the "buy now" buttons).



Re: Explorer Kit variant activity 8

This started a few days ago on my computer.  It came up everytime I opened my home page.  I changed my home page and it now comes up on the page that used to be my home page, but not my new home page.  I thought it was something from my web site which was my home page,  but the message is not coming up on any other computers I tried.

I bought a new laptop, nothing to do with this, and made my web site my home page.  I opened the site several times and did not get the message.

I then set up my email account on the new computer.  When it started up it began downloading emails from the server which were not deleted. 

After this, the next time I went to the internet, it came up again all of a sudden.  Can this be coming in on an email that is unopened or unread, and why does norton notice it to block it from opening, but still let it on the computer.

I see on the internet a lot of people having this problem, but nobody seems to know where it is coming from. 


Re: Explorer Kit variant activity 8

A little more playing around.

I ran the malwarebytes on the laptop and it produced nothing.

I then went into my web page and deleted the index.html and then re-uploaded it to my web site.  Now I am not getting the message on my PC or the laptop.

I seems from this that the problem was attached to my web site and not on my computer.  I did a norton scan on all the stuff in my website with no results before, so the questions are still:

1. How does the norton not find the virus on the file in my website although it recognizes it when it tries to come on the computer?

2.  Why did it not happen on my laptop until after I downloaded the emails?

3.  Why does it not show up on any computer that accesses my website?

4.  How did it get on to my website in the first place?

If you get this message in the future, notify the webmaster of the web page you are getting it on.

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