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This forum thread needs a solution.

Failed Security Update

Purchased a Norton antivirus update for my computers as I do every year.  When I went to upload it to my  desktop, received the following message:   

Your key has been redeemed successfully but the setup could not be started.

The error occurs because of out-of-date Operating system components related to XML Core Services (XML). XML is a set of services that allow applications written in JScript, VBScript, or Norton development tools to build Windows-native XML-based applications. We recommend you to CALL us 1800-881-0552  in order to fix it.  Called the number and a gentleman who I could barely understand accessed my computer and said I had a  slow computer and needed stuff cleaned and then went into a 1 to forever years contract to keep it cleaned.  One year was almost $200.00.  All I want is for the Norton antivirus to load properly like it has for years.  Should I do this (hope not(, take it to my tech guys and have them "clean" it, or just shoot it and buy a new desktop.  I'm too old for this junk.  Will McAfee work, would rather stay with Norton, but may not be worth the sudden hassle.  Thanks.... Mac



Re: Failed Security Update

Oh dear.  I'm afraid that's a typical scam running all the time from people who claim to be Norton Support but are not part of Norton and often not authorized by Norton to claim to offer support.

After a bit of Googling I found this:

Norton Setup: norton.com/setup | Norton Helpline

supportnortoncare dot com/

... chat with us for instant assistance on your Retail Card Products. Norton Security 2015. WANT MORE? Call us 1-800-881-0552 or Chat with Our Tech Experts.

as well as a shoal of other offers for support for different things, even for Facebook, all using the same number.

Can you summarize for us the present state of your PC -- does it work; are you aware of any odd behavior after this encounter?

Most important:

Purchased a Norton antivirus update for my computers as I do every year. 

Where did you purchase it from? A store; online from say someone reputable like Amazon; from eBay ..... What did you actually get as a purchase? A physical boxed product? A link to download the product and if so from where .....  What actual Norton product do you have installed that you wanted to renew?

What version of Windows are you using?

We need some details since it's not impossible you bought from a false source and got a defective product.

With some knowledge we can surely help you sort technical things out and end up with a working Norton installation.

I wouldn't think of changing to another product because that involves more cleaning up when you make that kind of change and on a non-working Norton that becomes more difficult. Let's try and get your Norton working first.

So details please ....


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