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This forum thread needs a solution.

Fake email demanding payment in bitcoins

Received an email from debra.davidson1988 @ bol . com . br .. HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS ???

When watching the Internet the Net you visited went the site internet page that was poisoned by me.

The virus is in your computer now and you are affected.

My Trojan horse has turned your camcorder on and now I have varied filthy photos and records where you are naked and doing a rub up.

I have an connection to your contacts connections from your electronic mail and your call contacts bodies.

So, I have very impressive files and all your contacts bodies.

Your misguided photos and records will be brought out and sent delivered to all your bodies, companions at your place of work and your relatives , but you can refrain it if you deliver me 350 united states dollar in bitcoins.

This is my Bitcoin pocket book – 1Fz4aH18E3ZGrXDmgUtNHfv7BcW1dHTNH6

When I get the bitcoins whole black damaging information on you will be killed.

Every compromising fact on you will be killed. After reading this letter you have 25 hours.

If you don’t forward bitcoins tapes will be brought out in social media and sent to your companions, ancestors and close people.

Pity for my misprints , I am from China.

P.S. If you answer this message – all photos and records will be brought out and addressed for sure




Re: Fake email demanding payment in bitcoins


i would ignore it but you could report the sender to your ISP.

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