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False claim on my site reveals abuse of self-appointed authority

I have 82 addon sites that have been blacklisted and blocked by a RED WARNING page committing slander about Malware redirects that do not exist, ironically the page itself is, by definition, a Malware Redirect and the criminal is Google. 

These sites collectively represent over $500 Million in personal residential property of which the sellers are pissed off. The use of these websites is to market these Multi-Million Dollar homes to exclusive eligible buyers of the community and consist of only a slideshow, gallery and embedded Vimeo video of the home. 

Turns out Norton gave all 82 sites a SWBPL annoyance rating of 1 that got them all blacklisted and allowed Google to attack with its Malware - and there is nothing at all wrong with the sites. What right does Norton have to give a rating to something they don't even understand the use of and arrogantly wield a self-appointed authority, destroying my business that has taken me 5 years to build - and to be flat out F*!#*ing wrong about it to boot. 

Why do you think they won't tell you where it is - and use bogus initials like SWBisBS, and then make you fix it but with no direct feedback? Cuz half the time you threw out some harmless file and days later your blacklist is lifted and you don't know any different. And then you are scared enough to buy whatever they are selling you.

Google shamelessly hides behind fake telephone numbers with directories that are designed to run you in circles. Their automation is incompetent and destructive and they leave you to bleed to death with your only hope to appeal to the same faulty Automated System that sliced you up in the first place. 

All of this is under the guise of "Security" but it is nothing more than a shameless scam to sell products - and gain control. Someday our grandchildren will read about these scandals in the History ebooks - that is, unless Google controls all the school books and blacklists the truth in general. 



Re: False claim on my site reveals abuse of self-appointed authority

Hello BS Detektor

If you can give me the list of domains or sites, I can submit them to Safe Web Team and they will change the evaluation to Green OK I am pretty sure. Are they individual sites or groups of sites.? Please get back to me with the list. I am another user who has contact with the Safe Web Team. Usually I tell the users to check back the next day, but if you give me all of them at  once, it will probably take them a little more time.

Sorry about the trouble it has given you.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

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