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False NORTON support contact phone number

While trying to find a phone number to speak to Norton this appeared on a Google search.

"Norton Help 0800-098-8422 Support Contact Number UK 


Norton is widely opted antivirus program by users in UK. ... Customers are free to call at Nortontechnical customer support Toll Free UK Number 0800-098-8422. ... Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number 0800-098-8422 offers speedier & trustworthy service and that too at very lower expense."

I strongly suspect these are not legitimate Symantec staff as they try to convince you that your machine is damaged and offer to provide Certified Microsoft Support (at a price) to resolve. My advice....... don't go there!!!


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Re: False NORTON support contact phone number

Indeed this is a false link, here is the correct site. Cheers!!


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Re: False NORTON support contact phone number


Here is an easy link to remember which will link you up with a chat or telephone number you can call.



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