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False Positive. White listing request

We are Software Developers Company ‘Index consulting, s.l.’ and we have BLOPHOME. BLOPHOME is a freeware software that can be download from  www.blophome.com.  BLOPHOME is a Interior Design 3D Online software and need send/receive information to/from server for:

1.Downloading CAD Object Catalog.

2.Uploading the user project file to elaborate Hiperrealistic renders.

Today we recived eMail from a user that have install your antivirus NORTON and he said that detect BLOPHOME like virus/troyano. He has been using Blophome from 1 year ago and don’t understand because now NORTON detect it like Virus.

Blophome is Signed for Index Consulting, s.l. with VeriSign.

How is the solution to put BLOPHOME in your Whitelist and don’t produce false positive?

Thank you.


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Re: False Positive. White listing request

HI blophome,

You can request whitelisting for your software here:



Re: False Positive. White listing request

Can you attach a screenshot showing the conviction?

Carlos Linares | Sr SQA Analyst | Symantec Corporation

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