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Family Feature request

Would like to request 2 feature updates for Norton Family

1) ability to add additional time for a single day when I don't have physical access to the computer.  Currently I go into the web admin and increase the time for the day.  I then forget to remove the time and next week my son gets extra time.  So to be able to key in a date and a +/- time value would make things a lot easier to provide the right amount of time

2) Ability to get time usage in column format or ability to download to a CSV file




Kudos1 Stats

Re: Family Feature request

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We'll pass on your requests to the management.



Re: Family Feature request

Hopefully its something they also find useful :-)

The graph is pretty/snazzy; but its not very functional when getting specifics or being able to export to save in excel as history.  I currently view a week (or sometimes a month), and move the mouse over each day's total to manually key it into a excel document.  

Having history is nice when something comes up in the past.



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