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This forum thread needs a solution.

Family on IOS downloaded but won't open links

Hi i have just downloaded Norton Family on my daughters Ipad and deleted safari etc. The family search engine is working fine but if she wants to click on a link from an email nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Also part of the reason for having Norton Family was to take back control by using the time limits - now I realise that is only for Android so I am totally frustrated with that. Will there be a possiblility of having time limits on IOS in future?

Also my daughter uses Instagram, Snap Chat and Hangouts - None of these monitored???



Re: Family on IOS downloaded but won't open links

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the post. If she clicks a hyperlink on a webpage (Not in an email), is she able to access the page?

Monitoring time is definitely on our feature list for future Norton Family iOS release.

The program currently doesn't monitor Instagram, Snap Chat and Hangouts.  I'll report your request to the team.



Thanks Katie

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