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Family Not Working

Noticed Family was no longer monitoring internet activity. Also was not getting pop up in lower right hand corner that reminded PC users Family was watching. Signed onto my online account to check settings. They looked fine but a message I received seemed to indicate my license had expired. I purchase Family premium, downloaded, and installed. Norton Family shows on my PC in my list of programs but it still does not monitor activity, prevent blocked sites, etc. Spent way too much time trying to fix this stinking thing. Help.



Re: Family Not Working

Hi kdougmielke,

In the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, click the Norton Family icon. Click on “Update House rules”. If you see a pop-up at lower right hand corner on your screen saying your account is being monitored, monitoring should work as like before.

If the above solution did not fix your issue, try the below steps, please try to re-associate your windows account to NF account. Please check the link below for associating a windows account to a particular child,


If the issue still persists , please send your NF e-mail id (used for signing in to your  Norton family account) to us for further investigation as a private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner.

Also, please let us know NF version and any other security product you installed in your PC.

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