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This forum thread needs a solution.

Family Premier Issues

I downloaded the free version of family premier to see if it is worth purchasing.  I am glad I did, since I have had nothing but issues. I have 2 devices added for my children, an HTC M8 and an HTC M9.   A few of the issues are below.

1) Connection and update seem very slow.  Many times Norton would time out so it took forever to even set up the devices.

2) On the HTC M9, the location does not work (M8 working properly)

3) On the HTC M9, it did not bring in the apps or contacts (M8 working properly).  It is almost like the M9 is not set up, except that it does pop up the warning on the text messages.  I do have all of these features on

4) I did some trials on web searches to see what it would pull up with very restrictive web settings.  In the Chrome app, both would pull up some sites that I didn't feel were appropriate.  In the Internet app, the M8 was not filtered at all and pulled up everything I asked.

5) Frustrated that the video and search features are not monitored on the androids

If this is how the product works, I do not see any value in it.



Re: Family Premier Issues

Hi carlene1029,

Thanks for the feedback.

1) I haven't heard any other reports about slow connection.  Can you please try again to see if you are still experiencing the issue.  Also, do you see any internet browsing slowness for other websites?

2) Can you please check the following settings in the child’s device HTC M9 to see if these help to resolve the issue.

  1. Settings -> Data Usage -> Norton Family. Check if the “Restrict background data” is selected, if so unselect this option.
  2. Settings -> Battery -> Detail -> Norton Family, set the Norton family app as “Turned Off ” for Automatically optimizing mode.

3) Can you please reinstall NF on the HTC M9 device to see if this helps to resolve the issue, maybe for #2 too?

4) The forbidden websites from the search results will be blocked.  

For now, please select the option “Use strict filter” for Google’s SafeSearch Filtering under “Search settings” link at Google page http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en to see if it helps.

For safe search on yahoo,  please follow the instructions to turn the SafeSearch On.


5) The video and search features are currently monitored on Windows, like PC and iOS devices, like iphone,  They are currently not available for Android.  It's on the product enhancement list for future development.



Thanks Katie

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