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This forum thread needs a solution.

FBI PayPac and You been hack call norton support scam!

The Paypac and Your computer has been hack call Tech support is both a scam built on the same software. this I know I have seen both and know that part of the software was written by someone at MIT because he has a copy right on it. Also they are using DCom and name.js programming to do this

  My Question would be... How can you adjust the setting to block web pages from setting a pop-up on focus lost? This is because this is what they are doing. If you lose focus the pop-up automatically sets you back on the page. Also if you click the Exit (The red x on the upper right) it also sends you to the pop up, the only way to exit this is using the task manager to end IE and then clean and restart the computer.

I very interested because my niece has been scammed by the tech Support claiming to be associated with Norton! This is the PHC( the C encloses the PH) I will add the software they have you install to fix your computer Sat after I go check out her computer and lock it down to prevent any unwanted access.

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