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Feature and Program Suggestions

I would like to suggest a few suggestions that I would like to see in Norton Product and this program:

1) Dark Theme and Accent color

2) UWP of Norton. Windows 10 has over 400 millions user which should justify UWP.

3) Hub app from Norton for Windows 10.

4) Norton Security for Windows 10 Mobile

5) Norton EAP badges for testers

6) Quests to test features and provide feedback for a specific feature (similar to Windows Insider program Feedback hub)

7) I have been using Norton for a long time and trust the product. But there is a general view that Norton slows PC's down. I would like you to get some telemetry results from consenting testers to improve on this notion.

8) Norton Extension for Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.



Re: Feature and Program Suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions, @Mannish Patil.

I'll pass on the EAP related suggestions to the EAP team and I suggest you to post the general product suggestions to the Product Suggestions forum

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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