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Feature Request - Ability to add subsite addresses to allow and block lists

The "Specific Websites to Allow" list only lists root website URLs.  I have run into 2 situations where I would like to allow (or block) a sub-portion of a website rather than the entire site.

For example, my child was doing homework research on Prohibition.  There is a good article on this at the Geocities website http://www.geocities.com/prohibition_usa/1920.html but Geocities is blocked as Discussion and Social Networking.

It would be nice to be able to allow http://www.geocities.com/prohibition_usa/1920.html but leave other parts of http://www.geocities.com blocked.

When I chose to add the full address of the prohibition address to the allow list, it truncated to http://www.geocities.com thus allowing the full geocities website.  Allowing entries to a specific address would allow them to go to that specific address if they go to it directly.  They would not be able to browse to it through geocities which is fine.


1. Type of Operating System and version: Windows XP SP3

2.Type of Web Browser and version: IE8

3.Type of user account that the child has on the system: Standard
4.Safety Minder Version:
5.Any other Symantec/Norton product installed: Norton Internet Security version
6.Any other Anti-Virus or Security product installed: None



Re: Feature Request - Ability to add subsite addresses to allow and block lists

Hi pmlemieux,


Thanks for the great suggestion!  I’ve put it to our enhancement list.


Thanks Katie

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