Feedback - Norton Password Manager Manager Safety Dashboard Beta

I've got some feedback on this Beta, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to share it.

  1. Don't have a Beta with no obvious place to share feedback
  2. The age of a login is affected by changes to the Title. This means that renaming my logins (not changing password or username) artificially inflates the reported password strength.
  3. You cannot simultaneously sort by action (i.e. "is autochange feature available") and password strength. This makes the obvious step of quickly auto-changing all poor passwords unnecessarily difficult
  4. Norton refuses to open different Password Manager features in separate tabs. Most annoyingly, I cannot access the manual password generator in a separate tab from the safety dashboard
  5. The password generator doesn't have an option for "most commonly-accepted symbols." There are some websites which (stupidly) restrict the symbols in passwords to a small subset such as #$!%. 
  6. The manager seems eager to generate new login items unnecessarily. I noticed it particularly for gmail, where I ended up with three copies of the same login+password combo. All appear as options for filling the login fields, so it isn't an obvious issue with different URLs. (Bonus: the fourth login with the same username was the only one with the correct password)
  7. When creating new logins automatically, can you please strip the "www." from the title field? This would improve readability and reduce the likelihood of accidentally creating manual duplicates
  8. Please add an "unhide all passwords" button, or at least the ability to drag-select. Sometimes, I need to compare passwords between logins (esp. when duplicates exist), and individually clicking each small unhide button is tedious.
  9. Please add a visual distinction for logins that don't have an associated URL.
  10. Add site duplicate checking functionality. I had to track down and clear several auto-generated logins varying only in the specific tail of the URL (e.g., "www.site.com/", "www.site.com/login", "www.site.com/specificpage/login"). This leads to obsolete logins hanging around since only one gets updated at password change
  11. How do I report sites where autofill functionality is broken? (e.g., Patreon is popular enough that it should work)
  12. Don't have a Beta with no obvious place to share feedback