I was about to withdraw my $18 to Coinbase this morning and notices there was a $12 fee to do so.

This would indicate It took me 2 weeks to mine $18, but I have to give 2/3 of those earnings to Norton.

That is NOT a fair percentage.

Is this an error, or is there something I can do to reduce this fee?

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Re: Fees

please see this:

We are not responsible for the network fee, that is part of the Ethereum network and is not decided by Norton or CoinBase. This is all based on the Ethereum network and it's current capacity and usage.

The usage generally drops on the weekend and fees can be as low as $3-$5, but again it's not something we control.


Re: Fees

Welcome to the boat lol Transaction fees are going up faster than I mine and faster than the value of ETH...maybe Norton will switch us to Bitcoin or something without the high fees...

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