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Fiels deleted by SONAR. How to restore?

I am running an engineering program called AUTOWING.  This program is not well known and few people us it. SONAR picked it up as something suspicious and deleted the EXE file. 

I have  added an exclusion to SONAR to prevent this happening again.   However I cant find a way to restore the file.  It does not appear in quarantine list - only under  SONAR activity. 

Can somebody explain to me how to restore the file?



Re: Fiels deleted by SONAR. How to restore?


here are the steps for you:
1. Open your Norton product
2. On the main window click on Tasks and there click on Security History

3. On the newly opened window click on the drop downl list, and select Quarantine
4. On the list find the file you want to restore
5. Click on More Details (bottom, right side)
6. On the new window click on Options (bottom)
7. Click on Restore file
8. Check the "do not detect it any more option" during the restore
9. Close windows

Let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Fiels deleted by SONAR. How to restore?

We are currently working on this issue and analyzing the samples we obtained.

Carlos Linares | Sr SQA Analyst | Symantec Corporation

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